Trailer Restraints

TPR UniLock™ Automatic Restraint

 The TPR UniLock™ is the only trailer-postioned vehicle restraint that can automatically remove "RIG Wedge" pressure.  RIG Wedge is caused when the trailer is pushed forward during loading/unloading and the trailer's Rear Impact Guard (RIG) applies so much pressure to the restraint's hook that the truck driver must reverse the trailer in order to release the restraint.  

PowerHook® Series Automatic Restraint

 The PowerHook® vehicle restraint is the most effective truck restraining device available on the market. By actively seeking, finding, and securing a trailer’s “Rear Impact Guard” (RIG), the PowerHook® eliminates potential problems between the truck and the dock leveler. 

TPR® Series Automatic Restraint

 The Poweramp TPR® truck positioned vehicle restraint is designed to automatically position itself and secure a trailer’s rear impact guard (RIG) to reduce the likelihood of premature trailer separation during the loading/ unloading process. 

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